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Hurrey is an AI safety and research company.

We build reliable and adaptable AI systems.



Where content embraces context, communication meets clarity and comprehension Illuminates. Our Focus? Crafting a symphony of understandability where information finds meaning and knowledge flows unrestricted.

Advancing the learning abilities and experiences for everyone.

We are a deep tech company committed to reshaping the frontiers of AI-driven personalization and contextualization. Immerse yourself in a realm where intelligence adapts to fulfill your needs—where each interaction evolves to align with your understanding. At Hurrey, we are pioneering adaptive AI models to enhance the learning experience by revolutionizing the future of information delivery, tailored to your unique comprehension level.

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We are a collaborative team of interdisciplinary research leaders, scientists, and engineers dedicated to crafting and expanding cutting-edge adaptive AI models. Our focus is on precision, ease of use, and ensuring safety in innovation.

In our pursuit of advancing human comprehension, we embrace openness. Our research papers stand testament to our commitment to open-source initiatives, driving collaborative progress in the deep tech ecosystem. Explore our publications and witness the depth of our contributions to the scientific community.


Building a Future of Understanding

Our purpose is to forge a limitless future of comprehension. We engineer adaptive AI models evolving with individuals, fostering profound information understanding. We aim to make information understandable and drive transparent AI research on opportunities and risks.


AI reliability

We aim to pioneer AI technologies that are dependable, interpretable, and adaptable. Our focus on cutting-edge research enables the integration of safety techniques into our partnerships and product deployments.


AI safety

At Hurrey AI, we view AI safety as an organized discipline. Our approach involves research, product application, feeding insights into ongoing research, and transparently sharing our learnings with the world


Multidisciplinary fusion

At Hurrey AI, our collective team comprises researchers, engineers, policy experts, business leaders, and operators. We blend diverse domain experiences into our work, fostering a collaborative approach


AI should win, not us

The potential of AI to reshape the world is profound. We see ourselves as a mere part of this dynamic evolution. Collaborating with civil society, government, academia, nonprofits, and industry, we advocate for widespread safety measures


At the heart of our innovation lies an intricate tapestry of science and engineering—facial sensing, emotional analysis, machine learning models, and behavioral understanding. Our technology is a symphony of sophistication, harmonizing to create seamless adaptability. We've woven a fabric of cutting-edge AI modalities, setting new benchmarks for the industry.


Rooted in our values, Hurrey AI nurtures a culture built on transparency and authenticity, shaping every aspect of our operations.

Stay rooted

As rapid advancements unfold, we anticipate new challenges from increasingly sophisticated systems. However, our unwavering dedication remains centered on solving for enhanced understandability in everything we do.

Assume nothing

In a fast-paced environment like ours, information swiftly evolves. At Hurrey, we aim for a collective understanding that thrives on adapting to this dynamic pace and the status-quo.

Humble perspective

We maintain objectivity in our approach. At Hurrey, we embrace a culture of open feedback across all levels, aiming to make well-informed decisions devoid of personal ego

Do simple things that work

We value simplicity at Hurrey, favoring practical solutions over complexity. Embracing pragmatism, we acknowledge tradeoffs, applying empirical approaches to research, engineering, and collaboration to identify what truly works

Keep it real

We aim to be open about what we understand and what we don’t. Fearlessly asking questions, we strive for clarity in ambiguity and encourage each other to challenge assumptions, fostering our best work.


Driven by passion, our team exhibits strong dedication, self-initiative, and operates with remarkable ownership and autonomy


Hurrey AI was first started in 2017 with a shared vision - to transform any information payload into perfectly personalized delivery through AI - after 6 years advancing context-aware recommendation systems, prediction engines and knowledge comprehension models across industry and academia.


We’re a team of researchers, engineers, policy experts and operational leaders, with experience spanning a variety of disciplines, all working together to build reliable and understandable AI systems.


We delve into diverse modalities, exploring cutting-edge safety aspects. From interpretability to reinforcement learning, human feedback to policy analysis, we venture into emerging areas, advancing the frontier of AI safety and understandability research.

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We actively consider the repercussions of our endeavors and aim to convey our observations at the forefront to policymakers and global civil society. Our goal is to advocate for the advancement of secure and dependable AI on a national and international scale.

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We convert our research into tangible, applicable tools such as Mira, providing value to businesses, nonprofits, civil society groups, and individuals worldwide. Our aim is to empower diverse sectors and communities with innovative solutions derived from our work


Our global task force, diverse across geographies, fuels our technology, finance, legal, and recruiting teams. With backgrounds from the World Bank, United Nations, startups, government, armed forces, and healthcare, our team's varied experiences invigorate Hurrey's vibrant workplace.


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Abhishek Chakraborty

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Rohith Sam

VP, Data Science

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Pritish Ray

President, Revenue

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Vikash Kumar

VP, Technology

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Manish Kumar

BOA (Partnerships)

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Soumyadeep Pal

VP, Research

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Meenakshi Iyenger

BOA (Strategy)

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Arvind Samriya

Lead, Machine Learning


Pioneering the next generation of user-adaptive AI

Our systems represent an order-of-magnitude advancement - dynamically optimizing information payload, complexity and delivery in real-time based on user cognitive profiles.

Our core platform utilizes proprietary advancements across facial biometrics, object and emotion recognition, natural language processing and prediction algorithms to generate comprehension profiles for each user that continually learn and adapt.

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Introducing Meera

Your intuitive and empathetic intelligent companion, equipped with advanced senses, delivering personalized recommendations using state-of-the-art user-understandability algorithms.

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Introducing Apeiros

Empowering effortless creation of virtual schools, leveraging Meera's advanced intelligence as the core, while delivering a dedicated DigiSpace for immersive educational journeys.


Pioneering the next generation of user-adaptive AI

Our advanced AI capabilities optimizes information comprehension on an individual basis, adapting output for every user and context.

Personalized Education

Our AI-driven teaching assistant tunes the language, pace and complexity of digital lessons and assignments in real-time to match each student's abilities, background knowledge and incremental comprehension gains.


Precision Medicine

Our assistive AI creates patient health profiles to optimize terminology, improve explainability of diagnosis language, and clearly convey instructions in care plans based on medical history, demographics and background.


Financial Inclusion

For the vulnerable and underserved, our solution closes financial literacy gaps by adapting banking communications to individual user models built from education, culture and psychosocial factors - improving understanding of loans, payments and credit.


AI for maximising

Human Intelligence

Envision a world where knowledge is universally accessible. The previous decade democratized information; this era aims to extract meaning and practicality from it.

Our AI innovations transform raw data into comprehensive knowledge, empowering personalized systems that resonate with you — systems that are uniquely yours.

Universities can now partner for research

We welcome applications from top universities worldwide with a proven track record in AI and a commitment to innovation.

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